Microtec Max Armour 100 cm x 140 cm

Microtec Max Armour 100 cm x 140 cm

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MAX ARMOUR- Our first brand has come out with the manufacture of a thermal press that has a new revolution in the press's mission.

The whole body is made by pressing mold can not improve production. Efficiency, but also to standardize the production process.

MAX ARMOUR has one brief, high-tech utilizing heat-resistant ABS material, meanwhile, the structure of the press can be changed according to your request. Casting thermal platen technology and bulit fan to extend the lifetime of the entire platen press in the body temperature to short circuit of the computer in the body.

Digital control bright backlit display. The new IC process adopts much more accurate in temperature and time but is beautiful reading on appearance.

Auto open, large format

Digital Temperature & Time Control

Automatic Alarm