Rubberized textile Ink

Rubberized textile Ink

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Coverage:    Normal Coverage, average opacity

Viscosity: Medium

Application: 2 coats on light and medium colored fabrics

                       3 coats on dark colored fabrics

Finish:          Glossy and medium hand feel



Ink Type :                   Water base

Fabric compatibility:  CVC, TC, TR and Polyester fabrics

Fabric color:               Light to Dark colored fabrics


Application and Additives

Applicable mesh count : 40 to 100

Pigment usage 5% max

Fixer RU: 100 grams per kg

Fixer nylon: 30 to 60 grams per kg


Drying instructions:

Use Hair dryer, at least 8 inches high

1st coat 30 sec

2nd coat 1 min and the following coating


Air Dry Curing

Allow at least 5 to 8 hours of curing  in hot and dry weather ( avoid high moisture weather when curing of inks )

Heat Press Curing

               140°C  degrees and  6 to 8 seconds, allow 30 mins to have the inks settle.


Storage: Store in room temp and away from direct sunlight

Shelf Life 1 year (depends on storage condition )


****Always test print before actual production****

All ink are tested in air drying conditions, these ink have passed wash fastness testing within a temperature of 30°C and up direct sunlight and in a sunny weather with low moisture content in air and cured in room temp with air ventilation for at least 6 to 8 hours.  These test are done in a controlled environment, should you follow these method it is recommended to still do a wash test on actual material. Thickness of the coating may also vary.