3G JET OPAQUE Dark Transfer Paper (100pcs) A4 size

3G JET OPAQUE Dark Transfer Paper (100pcs) A4 size

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3G Jet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper for dark colored fabrics is easy to use and can be die-cut or kiss-cut and moved with tape.

This paper works great with cotton, cotton blends, microfiber, dri-fit and synthetic fabrics.

This paper offers a softer hand and a much more natural feel.It works best on garments with a tight weave.

It is a revolutionary transfer paper for dark garments, featuring a softer hand and better drape than most opaque transfers on the market.

With comprable shelf-stability, wash durability and color reproduction as our other opaque transfers, 3G is also compatible with most plotter/cutters.

3G Jet Opaque transfer paper works in most inkjet printers and can be applied by either a hand iron or heat press. 

Note: Although home irons can be used for this transfer paper, we highly recommend using a heat press to achieve the softest feel, brightest color and best durability.



Temp: 165 degrees Celsius

Time: 15 seconds